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Product Comparison

Stock Price
Real-time market data with customisable column set-up, pre-defined filtered & enhanced watchlists.
Time & Sales
Shows the timing of every trade done both from the buy side and sell side at the respective price and volume transacted. TRIN index indicator also shows if a counter is bullish, bearish or neutral.
Volume/Trade Distribution
Shows the transacted volume breakdown at different price levels from the buy side and sell side.
Queue Track
Track all the changes in the buy & sell queue throughout the trading day.
Market Depth
Shows the buy/sell/buyQ/sellQ price at different price levels up to 50.
Market Filter
Scan entire market to shortlist potential stocks base on pre-defined criterias. Filtered criteria can be defined base on fundamental and technical analysis.
Historical Prices
Shows daily open, high, low, close, vol etc of a particular counter. Exportable to excel spreadsheet.
Period Wap Optional
Shows the volume weighted average price base on a pre-defined time frame.
DDE Export Optional
Ability to inter-process real-time data update from terminal to excel spreadsheet.
Buy/Sell Strength column on watchlist  
Simple graphical illustration on watchlist of the buy strength against sell strength in %.
iPrice and iVol column
The publication of real-time indicative prices during the Opening and Closing routines, and random ending to the Pre-Open and Pre-Close phases of the Opening and Closing routines. This indicative price is the price at which orders would be executed if auction matching were to occur at that point.
Segmented Watchlist  
Watchlist that can be segmented with comment title header and the ability to sort the counters within each segment.
Custom Ticker Manager  
Custom ticket manager is a feature that symbol tickers running displayed can be pre-set according to each user��s preference.
Shows each price tick movement in the chart.
Custom Tick Period
Ability to set a pre-determine number of ticks to one bar.
Intraday chart from 1 min to 4hrs.
Historical (up to 15 years Only) (>15 years)
Historical chart from daily to yearly.
Custom Minut  
Ability to set a pre-determine number of minutes to one bar.
No of Indicators 63 126
Comprehensive list of 100+ popular technical indicators.
Custom Indicator  
Ability to customize technical indicators with in-built indicator formula editor.
Ability to input 2 or more symbols into one chart for trend comparison.
No of Drawing Tools 19 26
Complete list of 20+ drawing tools to help in analysing market trend.
Candlestick Analysis  
Total of 23 Japanese candlestick chart patterns for analysing market trend.
Performance Charts
Performance chart compare stocks based on percentage change in price from a reference start date.
Back Testing  
This back-testing functionality allows a trader to test how a custom indicators inputs and other parameters may affect profitability as well as allowing developers to test for any errors in the logic of their strategy. It save time since it allows a trader to see trade results quickly.
Semi Log Chart  
In semi-log chart, one-axis (y) has a logarithmic scale and the other axis (x) has a linear scale.
Point & Figure Chart  
A chart that plots day-to-day price movements without taking into consideration the passage of time.
F1 Indicators  
A proprietary indicator.
Joe DiNapoli Indicators Optional Optional
A proprietary indicator.
SGX Announcements
General announcements from companies listed in SGX such as: board meetings, dividend, company news, change of interest & disclosure of interest etc.
Bursa Announcements
General announcements from companies listed in Bursa such as: board meetings, dividend, company news, change of interest & disclosure of interest etc.
DZH News  
General announcements from companies listed mainly in China and Hong Kong. News feed in mandarin.
Simple Price Alerts
Simple alerts to ensure not to miss any opportunity via window pop-up, email or SMS. Alerts can be set base on price, volume or buy/sell queue volume.
Advance Alerts  
Triggered according to Price and Volume and set of Technical Indicators.
Multi tab  

Ability to customize multiple tabs individually across the workspace for user\'s preference.

Multi Panel  
Multiple panel each represent a set of feature module which can be added or re-arranged per user preference.
Window Linking  
Different window panels that represent an analytics or charts can be linked for greater efficiency.
Portfolio management includes a record of the personal stocks which can auto-calculate the realized/unrealized loss or profits. It also records and buy/sell transactions done.
Market Summary (with PIE chart)
Market summary shows the current market performance to give an overview of how many stocks are bullish or bearish with graphical representation.
Market Watch Optional
Market watch shows the entire market movement and transactions done in real-time. This helps traders get a sense of the market direction or sentiment.
Market watchlist setup  
This enables user to save customize watchlists with import and export capability.
Spread Calculator
Automatically calculates your profit/loss on a different price levels based on your buy price with the number of shares and brokerage fees taken into account.
RSS News module  
RSS feature enable users who regularly use the web & allows them to easily stay informed by retrieving the content from the sites they are interested in within the platform.
Trading Central TV  
Watch market moving news and chartist trends covering global stocks, Forex and commodities. Enjoy daily exclusive content as well as trading opportunities identified by the Best Technical Research house in the industry.
Corporate Summary
Corporate summary shows the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement of a listed company. It also includes key financial ratios to help investor understand the strengths and weakness of a company.
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