DZH International, based in Singapore, has supported your trading decisions as a market leader for over 20 years.

We pride ourselves on delivering real-time financial market data and analytical insights for Southeast Asia’s equity, futures and commodity traders. Expect dependable trading accessibility across all major customer touchpoint platforms – desktop, web, tablet, and mobile.

We believe in constant innovation and cutting-edge enhancement, and incorporate these values in our product roadmap and technology. Our experience in developing specialised systems made to user specifications has been instrumental in winning numerous global project awards for our multinational bank and brokerage clients through the years.

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Certified for Assurance

DZH International is committed to upholding high standards, and is OSPAR-certified by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) to serve Financial Institutions (FI).

This means that DZHI maintains the same level of governance, rigour and consistency as FIs in Singapore. Being ABS OSPAR-certified is a guarantee to FIs and their clients that DZHI complies with a standard of controls and measures expected by the financial services industry.

Backed by Fintech Giant

DZHI is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese-listed Shanghai DZH (SSE: 601519)

Established Market Leader

Industry pioneer with a team of accomplished technology specialists

Resourceful Collaborator

DZHI works with reliable key industry partners to deliver one-stop integrated solutions

Shanghai DZH is one of the largest listed companies that provides financial information in Mainland China.

With close to 40% market share in Mainland China and impressive daily and monthly user reach records on our array of financial information products, Shanghai DZH is a preferred choice for many business professionals. We provide a comprehensive product suite of execution trading solutions, financial software terminals, mobile applications, big data, financial information and other services, all supported by an extensive team of around 2,000 staff.

Shanghai DZH's commitment to research and innovation has also been recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China (MOST) as a High and New Technology Enterprise (HNTE). We were established in 2000 and headquartered in Shanghai with operations across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

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Stock Code SSE: 601519

A listed company on Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) since 2011

Large Active User Reach Records

Over 10 million users recorded per day & over 30 million users recorded per month

Strategic Presence in Asia’s Biz Hubs

Utilising local expertise for advantage across diverse markets


DZH Group of Companies

DZH FinChina

Based in Shanghai, FinChina is a leading financial market data solutions provider in Greater China, providing comprehensive coverage of market analytics, news, research reports, fundamentals in equities, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, index futures and other derivative products.

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DZH Financial Research

Based in Tokyo, DZH Financial Research specialises in the gathering and dissemination of financial information in Japanese for both corporate and retail users in Japan.

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Based in Hong Kong with over 70% market share, AASTOCKS is one of the largest one-stop online information portals. It is dedicated to the development and production of advanced financial technology solutions, information services and system integration for both corporate clients and individual investors in the Asia Pacific region.

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